How do I create a new competition?

After entering the Salesmot panel, you should click the “Competitions” link on the left menu and, on the newly opened page, you should click the “Create a new competition” button. The “Scenario Select” page will open. After choosing the appropriate scenario for the competition that you will create, you will be able to create your competition in 4 steps. On the

1st step, you can determine features like the name of the competition, competition type, and starting-end dates.

2nd step, you can determine the targets, bonuses, and products to be taken into account. 

3rd step, you can determine the prizes and those who will have the right to win them.

4th step, you can choose the personnel who you want to join the competition.

Note: If on the first step you have chosen the referee approval choice as “yes”, you should choose a referee while in that area. After the chosen referee has approved the data entered by the personnel, the results will be shown in the reports. 

How do I start a new duel?

Duel is a feature which lets you enter keen competition with a colleague and keep your motivation at the highest level. If you want, you can show this competition on a TV screen via Salesmot TV with your choice of theme, and let the whole company be the audience of this competition.

To start a duel, after clicking the “Duel” button on the left menu, on the page which appears you should click the “Start the duel” button. On the next page, you can determine the duel type, duel name, prize, target type, target, competitor, and starting and end date of the duel.

After entering all this information, an e-mail and a notification will be sent to the person that you have started the duel with and, after the person’s confirmation, the Duel will start. 

How do I show the competition that I created on a TV screen?

By showing the competitions that you have created on a TV screen by Salesmot TV, you can increase staff motivation through a transparent and dynamic work environment. To do it, you should click the link “Salesmot TV” on the left menu, and then the button “Create New Screen”.

You should define the TV screen’s settings on the opening page. (Don’t forget, first you should create the competition and then the TV screen). You can choose TV name, competition type, competition choice, transition time between screens[WU1] , music to be played when an activity (sales, meeting, telephone, offer) starts, data is entered and the competition ends. In addition, if you want, you can upload your own sound file.

You can change the order of the screens by selecting “Theme Sequence” on the right side and make a theme choice. You can create your TV screen by clicking the “Save” button.

To make the screen which you have created active on the TV screen you can enter “Screen address” into the browser address bar of new generation TVs, or you can utilize visual transfer via any computer’s HDMI output.

Don’t forget to put your browser on full screen by pressing the F11 key :)

How do I get a detailed report?

Due to Salesmot’s improved report creating magician, you can have a report with only a few clicks and save time. Also, you can print the reports you create in Excel, PDF or CSV formats.

To create a report, you should click the “Detailed Report” link on the left menu. On the opened page you can easily create a report in 4 steps, get detailed information about the recent state of your company and share it.

How do I enter an activity?

In Salesmot, the general name for the actions of sales, telephone, meeting, and offer is “Activity”. For example, you sold $1.000 worth of products to a company. To be able to enter data, you need to click the “Enter new activity” button on every page and use the “Sales” tab on the opening page.

Because you can take part in more than one competition, you should enter the competition, the product that you have sold, the customer that you have sold the product to, the amount of sales (number, ton, kg etc.), purchasing costs and selling price. Also, for the activities of telephone, meeting, and offer, you should apply the same scenario.

Note: If referee approval is on for the competition, your sales will be shown on the system after the referee’s approval.


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