How do I enter my company info?

When you are a member of Salesmot, for us to provide you with complete support, you need to enter your company information completely and correctly. You can do this by clicking the “Settings” page, which opens by clicking the link “Company Info” on the left side.

You can make the entries for company name, company representative’s name, e-mail address, company sector, company telephone, and company logo from this area.

How do I add new personnel?

Clicking the link “Company Info” on the left side opens the page “People/Teams”. You need to enter the personnel information in the frame, which opens by clicking the “Add new person” button on the right side. The point you need to be careful about in this area is that the e-mail address belonging to the personnel who will be added must be correct.

After entering all the information, you can finalize the transaction by clicking the “Save” button. Then, an e-mail will be sent to the personnel by the system, and operations such as profile photo and the password for entering the system can be done easily.

How do I create a new team?

Salesmot sales motivation application provides an environment where employees are able to compete as a team, as well as in personal competitions. You should click the “People/Team” page, which opens when you click the “Company Information” link on the left side, to create a new team, and then click the “Create a new team” button on the right side.

After defining the team name and the team visual, you can finalize the transaction by choosing the personnel who you want to add to the team at the bottom part. After clicking the save button, an automatic notification e-mail will be sent to the personnel that you added to the team. 

How do I add a new product?

To be able to create a competition in Salesmot, you should enter the products that your company sells into the system. For that, we come to the page “Products” by clicking “Company Information” on the left part; here we click the “Add a new product” button, which is on the right side. You should define the product name, category and visual in the opened window. The categories for which you have made entries before are sequenced on the list.

Note: Separating the products based on category will benefit you when you are taking a detailed, product- and category-based report. 

How do I add new prize?

It is suggested that you define one or more than one prize while creating a competition to be able to motivate your sales teams. You can determine the prizes as physical product (smartphone, tablet etc.), opportunity (vacation, travel etc.) or bonus.

To be able to define a new prize, you should first click the “Prizes” link on the left menu and then “Add a new prize”. On the page which appears you can enter prize name, category, the points needed to earn it, a prize photo, and a short definition of it.

How do I add a new customer?

One of the most important features of the Salesmot sales motivation application is that it allows you to manage your customer database. When we click the “Company Information” link on the left part, we come to the page with the “Customers” link. Then, when you click “Add a new customer” on the right, a window opens. You should enter customer name, sector, company representative’s name, and company logo.

Note: Separating the customers based on the sector will benefit you when you are taking a detailed, sector-based report.

How often and from where is the exchange rate info taken?

As well as Turkish Lira, Salesmot supports three different currency options: USD, Euro and GBP. The exchange rate info is transferred from IMKB automatically. However, if you want to hedge a currency, you can do this transaction yourselves. Click “Company Information” on the left part, and choose “Settings” in the opened page. Then, come to the “Exchange rate” tab and tick the “Enter manually” choice.

In the opened menu, you can define the exchange type, buying price and selling price manually.

Note: If you function with an exchange other than USD, Euro or GBP, by contacting the Salesmot support team you can have the exchange information defined in your account. 


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